Tuesday, December 3, 2013


The kids just ended another fabulous season of sports.  McKade kicked some booty playing soccer.  He is really an excellent player.  He scored many goals, but was also great at taking the ball down the field and passing it to another player and cheering for them to score.  It was great to watch.  Bodin is still doing great at soccer as well.  He had a couple of great scores, but he is really a midfielder.  His defense is where it is for him.  It gets very noticeable when he is out.  McKinna tried her hand at sand volleyball.  She had a fun season as well and learned a lot.  She will be back at it in the summer.  Journey was a great cheerleader and will be starting sports soon.  Her mom would just like her to get a little bigger first:)

First Day of School

First Day of School 2013.  Bodin:  4th Grade Bauerschlag Elementary, McKinna: 6th Grade Victory Lakes Intermediate  (Nice picture of McKinna showing her braces :))


My two youngest are in the stage where they say the funniest things right now.  At least they are striking my funny bone. 

We were watching TV the other night when the Kay Jeweler commercial comes on... "Every Kiss begins with Kay"  Journey says, "Kiss begins with K, well, shark ends with K."  Yes, yes it does.  Maybe they should tie that in as well. 

After church McKade comes home and says, "Mom, what does speed mean?"  Thinking this may be one of his trick questions I answer, "you tell me what it means, I don't know."  "Mom, it means we don't eat or drink for breakfast.  My church teacher told me that in class today."
UM, after thinking for a minute I got it... Fast not speed.  She was talking about fasting, we don't eat two meals and can donate that money to the poor.  I like his connection with the words there. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Halloween Day rained a lot his year.  Like 2-3 inches that day.  I was unsure how trick or treating that night would be, but we had some friends coming over and we were determined to go.  It cleared out that evening and we had a great time. 

My backyard earlier in the day
All ready to go

Scout Camp

Bodin attended his first Scout Camp this summer.  I volunteered to help out at camp.  I had a group of probably 15 rowdy boys, but we had a great time.  Bodin did some shooting, archery, woodworking, classes on being a good citizen, sporting events, and many other fun activities.  McKade and Journey came along and participated in a little kids "camp" daycare.  The really had a good time too. 


I was driving McKade and Journey home from their preschool, Camelot Kids, the other day.  This conversation took place in the back seat.
McKade: Journey, you are going to have to marry a dad one day and it can't be me.
Journey:  No
Journey:  You are going to have to marry a mom. 
McKade:  I am not getting married.  I am just going to have kids and a dog.
Me:  Um, you have to get married before you have kids.
McKade:  I will just have a dog then.
Journey:  Me too!
McKinna got her braces on in August.  She got her top braces on first and then about 6 weeks later she got on the bottom braces.  During the visit for her bottom braces McKade, Journey and I had been in the waiting room.  The kids were getting ancy.  I saw a turtle walk by so we went out to see him.  The kids were touching him and loving it. Another person from the orthodontist office came out to see him at which point the turtle made a run for it and went into the office.  The ladies got a box and McKade, Journey and I caught the turtle and took it out to the neighborhood lake out back.  It made for a fun day at the orthodontist office.